Luciad GeoPackage Viewer

GeoPackage is a new OGC standard, officially released early 2014. The standard defines a Geospatial data format that is cross-platform, vendor independent and that can be used for off-line data storage on mobile devices.
For more information on the OGC GeoPackage standard, please visit the OGC GeoPackage website.

Luciad participates in the OGC GeoPackage SWG and in several OWS projects in which the OGC GeoPackage standard is further defined and tested. To support these initiatives, Luciad has developed a viewer for Android that enables visualization of data following the OGC GeoPackage standard.
The Luciad OGC GeoPackage Viewer is made available free of charge. Please see the registration page for more information on how to get access to the viewer.

The Luciad OGC GeoPackage Viewer has been developed using LuciadMobile. For more information on LuciadMobile or other Luciad products, please visit the Luciad website.

For questions regarding the Luciad OGC GeoPackage Viewer, please contact Luciad at .


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